The third year is the ideal time to start the application process. During the summer months before entering the junior year, a meeting is organized with the student and the parents to discuss the key elements of the application process.

We will discuss:

  • The timeline
  • Personality Account/ Career Orientation
  • Standardize test dates (SAT/ACT/TOEFL), GPA, grades
  • College Lists
  • High school curriculum choices, and extra-curriculum activities
  • Teacher recommendations/Transcript requests
  • Understanding the Common Application
  • Financial Aid- CSS profile or FASFA
  • Essay brainstorming, draft, and review process
  • Applying to universities
  • Detailed analysis and recommendation for the final decision
  • Visa application support

APPLICATION STEPS – Right on Time Application

Gradually, students and their families will learn about need-based aid, merit aid, grants, loans, and all essential requirements relating to financing a college education. A potential college list can be built at this time, with the idea of adding or deleting depending on test results and grades. A career/personality test will be done at this point which will direct us to building “The Best Fit List” (at this time, the results from the ACT and/or SAT/and TOEFL should be available).

This procedure is repeated throughout the year. I work with students over the summer before their senior year to brainstorm essays for the Common Application as well as additional essays for certain institutions. During the autumn of senior year, we concentrate on applications, including essay editing. Once the applications are submitted (for most schools, January 15th is known as the regular decision deadline), we wait for the acceptance letters!!!


It is acknowledged that Studie Foris cannot guarantee admission to any specific university or college because its services are advisory in nature and the student and family make the final decision regarding universities and programs. Regardless of whether the student is accepted to their first choice of university, the designated fees are payable.