Frequently Asked Questions – Study Abroad FAQ

Q: Why choose an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC)?

Independent educational consultants (IEC) are specialists who advise students and their families on educational decisions. Due to their vast knowledge of numerous schools and programs, parents and students will receive unbiased, objective advice. There are several different types of IEC, in my case I specialize in international education – helping high school, college, and graduate students study abroad and find the best “fit“ school and program. It is important to note that IECs are not agents and therefore we do not accept any fees or compensation from universities or colleges. The student is my client, and their best interest is at the core of my work. For more helpful information please click the link below.

IECA International Advising

Q: What to expect when working with an IECA member consultant?

I am a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), an organization that ensures its members meet the highest levels of education, experience, and work ethics. As a former international student, I understand both the desire and need to learn about other countries and cultures, as well as the obstacles that might arise. I believe that education allows us to see the world through a variety of lenses and that studying abroad is one of those lenses. It is a privilege to assist students achieve their goal of receiving a high-quality education while living in a foreign country. For a detailed explanation, please click on the link below.

IECA General Brochure

Q: What colleges look for in High School students?

Every college is unique, and each college has its own set of preferences and criteria for a student profile. What is certain is that colleges are looking for students whose skills and experience will benefit their institution. To read more check out IECA’s article with tips on what you can do.

What colleges look for


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