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Study abroad with Clementina Spinosa Petrovic - Studie Foris

My name is Clementina Spinosa Petrovic, and I am the founder of Studie Foris, a Belgrade-based independent educational consulting firm dedicated to assisting students studying abroad.

At the age of fourteen, I began my journey as an international student when my family and I moved from Italy to the United States of America, where I completed all my studies. In my third year of university, I was lucky to experience a semester abroad in Paris, France, where I also landed an internship at the Italian French Chamber of Commerce. After graduating from Ursinus College with a double major in International Relations and French Language and Literature, I began working in New York City and then Philadelphia. Soon after, I moved to Serbia with my family and embarked in a career in international education.


Working for the American Councils on International Education opened my eyes on the many possibilities international education could offer to new generations. I decided to further my education and obtained the CELTA certification and became an ESL (English as a Second language) teacher in Belgrade, Serbia. Working with international students at PRIMA International School became a pleasure. Assisting juniors and seniors with their college applications was fun and exciting work. It was rewarding to see the students’ faces light up when the “you are accepted” letter arrived.


I decided to focus on high school and college admission and learn to navigate the many different systems that each institution has in place and become an Independent Educational Consultant. To further my knowledge, I took a summer training seminar with the Independent Educational Consulting Association (IECA) based in the United States and became a member.


During my visits to the United States, Canada, and Europe, I began to tour high schools, colleges and universities. I have attended admissions meetings and gained a wealth of knowledge from admissions counselors. Walking on campuses, meeting students, eating lunches in the cafeterias, and visiting dorm rooms opens a whole new perspective on what a particular college can offer. Helping students make the right choice is very important, and that is why I strive to visit as many schools as possible.

Together we can make this process fun and exciting, rather than unnecessarily complicated. I’d like to share my knowledge and assist students and their families in navigating the application process. The end goal is to find the best fit high school or university where students can thrive and start a new chapter in their lives.


Overall, my background as an educational consultant who has lived, studied and worked in various countries is an asset in guiding students through the study abroad process. My expertise can offer helpful advice on how to make the most of their international educational experience. I am available to answer all your questions. Feel free to arrange a meeting (via Zoom or in-person) to gain a better understanding of the process and start planning your next steps.

Educational advisor - Clementina Spinosa Petrovic